Our Services

Software Lifecycle Management Services

Profiworx helps customers to achieve their end-customer expectations by providing various software development services. Since 2014 we work together with customers globally to achieve their business goals by empowering their teams with various technologies.
We offer different software life cycle management services in various technologies like Microsoft .Net, Java EE, etc..

Domain expertise in ERP/CRM and MES Solutions
Mobile applications developed in Xamarin
Services delivered at onsite, nearshore and offshore according to customer’s wish.

Association with IST GmbH, Germany

Working as a technology partner with IST GmbH, Germany, Profiworx helpes them to win the hearts of their end customers.


"I am very lucky that IST GmbH gets support and service from our colleagues from Kochi, Kerala. After setting up the team and having on-site training on our products and methods, the team is fully integrated with us. Within the interdisciplinary scrum process, all members are productive and have joy."

Ludwig Pirkl
Geschäftsführer / CEO

Working with IST

Security Services

Profiworx assists you to protect your mission critical data to keep them legal, regulatory and industry standard compliant.

ISO 27001 - Guided Implementation | Certification | Ongoing Compliance | Risk Management
GDPR Assessment & Consulting
Cloud security Assessment & Consulting

Our Products


Cloudwalk is a smart extensibility framework designed to leverage the true power of Manufacturing Execution Systems and ERP/CRM systems through real-time data analysis. This cloud-based framework expands the productivity of existing systems without any re-design through its smart-extensibility features. With CloudWalk we achieve an API based and mobility driven cross platform real-time data experience.

Plug and Play : No disturbance to existing systems, adds new vita to any running system
Mobility : Achieve a 360 degree freedom in production environments by easily achievable mobility features.
Realtime : KPIs are no longer a BI matter – access them real-time.


Let kindergartens be smart like our little ones! SmartKiGa is a platform to drive kindergartens in an efficient way by enriched Parent-Teacher co-ordination. It accelerates parent teacher coordination without depending on social media platforms ensuring total privacy of precious data. It has been originally designed for German Kindergartens but it can address any normal kindergarten scenario globally.

Children First : Child’s development focused coordination through improved parent-teacher communication.
Improved Sharing: Share messages and announcements or even visual content without depending on any social media platform – keeping extreme privacy based on predefined access levels.


Profiworx Technologies is a product and services company nurturing its customers by fulfilling their daily business efficiency with technology expertise powered by strong human capital.

Since 2014 Profiworx is serving its clients -majorly from Germany. Dreamed originally around our smart extensibility product – CloudWalk, later we entered the highspeed track of service delivery. We work seamlessly with our customers contributing to their business values with our extensible capacities.

Besides our own team inhouse we work together with our partner network strength. We have a set of Technology Partners and Solution Partners with whom we support our customers to achieve their productivity goals.